Jirka cottage

Located on the shore of the pond with open verandah, living room - corner set, fireplace, attic (steep stairs)

Jirka cottage
Price of cottage for 4 people
Extra bed
Fishing permission for one person / 3 fishing rods
Own appliances
(faucet, fridge ect.) / den
Refundable guarantee
Dry firewood / bag
Condition of accommodation is purchasing fishing permition for one week !

Permission for 12 hours
Permission for 24 hours
Permission for 48 hours
Permission for 3 days
Permission for a week
Permission for a year
Winter permission / day

Occupancy of Jirka cottage

From half of April to half of October the cottage is availible for week long stay from saturday to saturday. Getting on the cottage from 14:00h and departure to 10:00h
In the winter we rent the cottage for 1000,-Kč per night for 4 people


Vybavení chaty

Equipment of cottage

  • 2 rooms / 2x2 people
  • kitchenette - dishes
  • wood stove
  • gas coocker
  • fridge with freezer
  • WC
  • shower
  • wash - basin
  • bedclothes
  • bed linen: own

Services included in price of accommodation

  • Free WiFi
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Restaurant
    300m - possobility of catering
  • A boat and bath tub for fish is included in price 
  • Parking 10m from cottage