Fishing order

I. Fishing permision

Only people owning valid fishing permision for this pond, issued by company RYBOLOV CB spol. s.r.o. Fishing permission are in name and are not portable.

II. Way of fishing

Person autorized for fishing according to paragraf I. of this order is alowed to use for fishing:

  • up to three rods (fish lines) while fishing carnivorous or herbovorous fish, each with maximum of two leaders with simple hooks
  • fishing is permited only from the shore of the pond
  • youth fishing is permired with two rods
  • spinning is permiter only with simple hook
  • usage of springfeeding pear, double hooks and triple hooks is not allowed
  • usage of triple hooks is permited only for catfish fishing (buoy)
  • only usage of pole buoys is permited
  • After agreement fishing from a boat for extra fee (weekend 150,- or week 300,-). From the boats spinning on simple hook is permited
  • Loading bait is only permited with loading boat, excluding buoys for catfish. 

III. Time of defense 

From 1.1 to 30.4 are defended: northern pike, wels catfish. From 1.1 to 30.6 is defended zander. All year round are defended: bighead carp, koi, bigmouth buffalo, sturgeon, european eel, burbot, albino catfish and all other generally protected animals.

IV. Behavior while fishing

  • While fishing every fisherman must be present near his rods
  • Each fisherman is obliged to keep tidiness around the pond, all garbage after the end of fishing must be brought to assigned place.
  • Fishermen with valid fishing permision are obliged to submit to control bodies (person autorized by company Rybolov CB spol. s r.o.) valid fishing permission on call, demonstrate compliance of the fishnig order, allow insight to personal vehicle, bag or fridge in the cottage and should the need arise must provide support and help
  • Feeding from a boat is forbiden

V. One - year fishing permission

  • Fishermen can keep only two game fish or their combination with total weight  of 10 kg a week. Other species of fish which are not listed in point VI. can be kept in total weight of 8 kg a week
  • For other types of permissions aply the same rules as in the first point of V. Exeptions can be permited only by keeper of the pond
  • If a game fish or salmonadie fish is caught and kept the fishermen is obliged to list this fact in the overview of catch with a date, length of the fish in cm and stop fishing.

VI. Prohibition of keeping fish not reaching lowest fishing length (NLD) and exceeding fishing length (PLD):

  • wels catfish: ----
  • common carp:45-59 cm
  • grass carp:55-70 cm
  • salmo trutta:30-40 cm
  • rainbow trout:30-40 cm
  • northern pike:60-75 cm
  • zander:50-60 cm
  • tench:25-35 cm
  • european perch:20-30 cm

VII. Permission for 12 hours, one day, two days, three days and one week

Permissins for 12 hours are catch and release, for permissions for one day fishermen can keep one listed fish, for two day permissions maximum of two game fish not exceding weight of 8 kg. For three day permission two game fish can be kept. For one week permissions maximum of three fish can be kept. Game fish are fish listed in point VI. Fishing with three rods, 24 hours a day is allowed.

VIII. Other provisions

  • Fishing on the beach is forbiden from June to August
  • Making fire is allowed only in designated places . Any cutting or brakeing of growth in the vicinity of the pond is strictly forbidden
  • Drilling and damaging of the piers in the pond 
  • Feeding with corn and pea is forbidden (Only small amount of soft corn is permited for example Bonduele)
  • If using fishing fish this fish must be at least 15 cm long
  • While fishing the fishermen is obliged to use besides fishing rods also a landline, desiccator of hooks (pean, tweezers, pliers), fishing masure, pad (bath tub) for fish and if the fishermen stores the fish alive he is obliged to have his own keepnet. Rod pods must be of serial production - using rod pods from branches of trees and bushes is forbidden
  • While fishing for carps with boilies fishermen is obliged to use protective rubber on or a hose on the silicon in order not to hurt the fish
  • Spinning is permited only with rubber bait and sipmle hook (twister, ripper)
  • Fishing for fishing fish which don´t have the lowest length and are not protected by other regulations can be done with net of maximum size of 1x1 meters
  • All exeptions outside of this fishing order only with permission of company RYBOLOV CB spol. s r.o. or people autorized by this company. In everything else fishermen obeys instructions of members of the fishing guard
  • In the case of violation of this fishing order fishing permission will be taken away without the possibility of compensation. It is possible to buy new one.
  • Changing fish in the keeping net is forbidden
  • When the fishing permission end fishermen is obliged to hand it over to a person autorized by company RYBOLOV CB spol. s r.o.
  • Company RYBOLOV CB spol. s r.o. has the right to change the fishing order
  • Company RYBOLOV CB spol. s r.o. has the right to temporarily enclose the pond (defense of the fish, fishing competition, ect.)