Fishing district Mrhal

Mrhal pond is one of the most beautifull sport and recreation localities in close proximity of České Budějovice. Ideal conditions for fishing are practically around whole pond, biggest depth is around 15 meters.

The area of the pond is approximately 8 ha. Pond has not been drained since 1961 so it´s possible to catch trophy fish. Accommodation is possible in the fishing cottages near the water or close by in Rudolfov, beautifull South Bohemian town. Cottages on the shore of the pond with a pier from which fishing is possible (5 bunks, equipement). Cost in Accommodation. Families of the fisherman, which come to sunbathe and swimm will be pleasantly surprised because of beautifull beach and restaurant "U Rybáře" right on the shore of the pond. On the beach there is a wooden pier so even your chldren can enjoy lots of fun. Pond is located around 8 km from the centre of Českš Budějovice in direction of Třeboň, Jindřichův Hradec, Brno (In Rudolfov you turn in the direction of Jivno or Hlincová Hora and Zvíkov).