Z Mrhalu do Třeboně a zpět

Todays article is dedicated to sights of Třeboň and to cycling paths around Třeboň and breeding of Třeboňský carp

Z Mrhalu do Třeboně a zpět
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Bicycle path

Todays bicycle path will lead us to carp - paradise Třeboň. The path to Mrhal is very pleasant, in the village of Hlincová hora you will get on bicycle path 1096 which after 17 kilometers will lead you to Třeboň. If the wheather is nice we recomend you to stray from the bicycle path to forest road around pond Svět. This road will lead you to historical centre of Třeboň as well and you will bypass the main road between Domanín and Třeboň.

Třeboň castle

Exposition of this castle is extensive. Two main tour paths will acquaint you with lives of two most significant families that owned this estate.

First one will lead you to period of Renaissance when Třeboň castle was the main residence of known and significant family of Rožberks.

Second one mapes the the history of no less significant family of Schwarzenbergs of which it was  the main residence. This family really treasured this castle because it was their first property in Bohemia. Huge growth and modernisation happend here in 19. century when this whealthy family had their family tomb build in the park of Třeboň castle.

Otevírací doba:
Duben, květen, září říjen: mimo pondělí 9:00-16:00
Červen, červenec, srpen: mimo pondělí :9:00-17:15
Poslední prohlídka je 45 min před zavírací dobou zámku


The tomb of 


Not far from Třeboň castle in its park near pond Svět a neogothic tomb is build. It was build on the impulse of princess Eleonora initiator of not only this building but also neogothic reconstruction of Hluboká castle.

duben,květen, září, říjen:9:00-16:00
červen, červenec, srpen:9:00-17:00
Kromě pondělí
Poslední prohlídka se koná vždy 30 min před koncem zavírací doby

The spa in Třeboň

Třeboň is known for its spa specializing on diseases of joints. The oldest spa in the city are Bertiny. The biggest spa complex in Třeboň is Aurora spa which offers spa and water world. Water in the spa is not cleaned with chlorine but its a little bit salty. In the spa there are many attractions.

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Třeboňský carp

Carp bred in this area gained the golden trademark of Europian Union. Local ponds are power by Zlatá stoka which guarantees high quality.

Every year in the end of summer fishing celebrations are held in Třeboň.

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In autumn you can be part of local catching of pond. For fisherman there is catching of pond Rožmberk which will for sure become unforgettable for them.






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