Walk in České Budějovice

From Mrhal to České Budějovice you can get by car or by bike or by public transport. Histrorical centre of České Budějovice is for sure worth the trip.

Walk in České Budějovice
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Square in České Budějovice

Square of Přemysl Otakar II. is bigger then one ha and so it is one of the biggest in central europe. It is surounded by historical buildings with typical arcades. Very significant dominant of the square is Samson´s fountain build in baroque style from architect Josef Deitrich.

Near the fountain you can spot erratic boulder which significantly varies from surrounding pavement. It is round and in its middle there is a cross. There are many legends bound to it. According to one of them there used to stand a pillory. According to other, who steps over it after 9 PM will not find his way home and will wander the streets until the morning.

Other dominant of the square is baroque town hall with main tower decorated by a clock and other smaller towers decorated by four baroque statues which represent justice, bravery, wisdom and prudence. On the courtyard of the town hall fairs are traditionaly held and in summer visitors can be a part of rich cultural program.

The Black tower

Every visitor of České Budějovice should visit renaissance Black tower which might be the most significant building in České Budějovice. It was build to protect the town from fires. Today it is popular tourist atraction. After 225 stairs the visitor will see beautifull view of Českobudějovická bank.

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