Cycling trip Mrhal - Zvíkov - Lišov - Jelmo - Hůry - Mrhal

Todays cycling trip will lead you to village Lišov know for furniture industry. The lenght of the way is roughly 20 km. The trip is very comfortable and without much elavation. The only bigger elevation is on the E49 road near Baba hill.

Cycling trip Mrhal - Zvíkov - Lišov - Jelmo - Hůry - Mrhal
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From Mrhal you will go to Hlincová Hora where you connect on the cycling path 1096 and then continue to Zvíkov. In Zvíkov you have to get on cycling path 1106 which will lead you to Lišov. From Lišov you have to on cycling path 1243 to Jelmo and continue to Libnič and from there on cycling path 1107 to Hůrka. There an elevation to Baba hill will be waiting for you then you go down to Jivno and back to Mrhal


In Zvíkov there is a fortress from 15. century. One of its owners was Petr Vok. In 19. centrury it was lowered by one floor and roofed over also it was rebuild as a granary and flats and transfered to private ownership so its not accesible by the public.


Lišov is known mostly because of its furniture industry. You can rest here in many local restaurants and also visit one of the museums.