Cycling trip Mrhal - Borek - Hosín

From Mrhal you can go to many directions on many cycling paths. Today we will lead you on one of the trips you can make.

Cycling trip Mrhal - Borek - Hosín
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From Mrhal have to get to Jivno. There we turn left in the direction of Hůry and connect to cycling path 1107 through Libnič and we continue to Borek where spreads Mojský forest.

Mojský forest

Here we can go through the forest on many forest paths suitable for cycling. On the begining of the 20. centrury threre was a huge storm which destroyed most of the forest. So many paths to get the wood out of the forest had to be contructed. This place is widely used by tourists and cyclists alike.

If you want to continue further you can get on cycling path to Hrdějovice and then connect on cycling path 1054 leading to Hosín or get right on a road which leads to Hosín directly.


The history of Hosín goes to 14. century and in this picturesque village you can find the remains of rural baroque but for sure church of saint Peter and Pavel build in neogothic style will amaze the most. This dominant can be seen from very far away.

Huge view of Českobudějovická basin will for sure be a great reward for all cyclists.